Saturday, December 14, 2013

One year later

It's been a year and I, for one, still have not recovered emotionally from the tragedy at Sandy Hook. But, why, I keep asking myself, do we as a nation continue to refuse to do anything to protect our children, to prevent them from dying so young at the hands of deranged mass murderers.

All those emotional feelings came flooding back when, two days ago, I saw an interview with the parents of one of the children killed a year ago today. Their son was 7. They had another son, 10, who also went to Sandy Hook who survived. They said the hardest moment of all came when they had to tell the 10-year-old that his little brother was dead. They said he looked at them through tear-filled eyes and cried out: "Mom, dad, you promised you would protect us."

We are a better people than this. We are a better nation than this. We need to stand our ground and do whatever we can to stop this needless violence, this loss of life, particularly of defenseless children.

Here's a staggering statistic: 32,833 Americans have been killed by guns since the Sandy Hook massacre one year ago today.

Isn't it time we stopped? Isn't it time we said enough is enough?

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