Friday, November 7, 2014

Help for the middle class

In 2008, Time magazine named Robert Reich one of the 10 best cabinet members of the century (he was Secretary of Labor during President Bill Clinton's first term). He has a list of credentials too long for me to list in this space but, if you want to check him out, you can learn all about him here.

This is his analysis of Tuesday's election and it makes a lot of sense to me:

"If you want a single reason for why Democrats lost big Tuesday it’s this: Median family income continues to drop, the first "recovery" when this has occurred. Meanwhile, all the economic gains are going to the richest Americans. If the Republicans think they can reverse this through their supply-side, trickle-down, fiscal austerity policies, they’re profoundly mistaken. The public will soon discover this. But if the Democrats believe they can reverse it simply by raising taxes on the rich and redistributing to everyone else, they are mistaken, too.

"We need to raise the minimum wage, invest in education and infrastructure, lift the cap on income subject to Social Security payroll taxes, resurrect Glass-Steagall and limit the size of the banks, make it easier for low-wage workers to unionize, raise taxes on corporations with high ratios of CEO pay to average worker pay, and much more. In other words, we need an agenda for shared prosperity. Over the next two years the Democrats have an opportunity to advance one. If they fail to do so, we’ll need a new opposition party that represents the interests of the vast majority."

Just though I'd pass it along.

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