Saturday, April 23, 2016

Do you have a problem with this plot

The film Passengers will open Dec. 21 of this year which means its studio is banking on this picture to be an awards contender. But I have a problem with its plot line and I wonder if anyone else shares ths concern.

The film is about a spaceship carrying 5,259 passengers on a 120-year trip to some colony in outer space. For obvious reasons, the 5,259 have been placed in a state of hibernation. However, 30 years into the trip there’s a malfunction with one of the hibernation chambers and the pod opens early. Out pops a character played by Chris Pratt.

OK, here’s the question I’m going to pose. What would you do in the unlikely situation you were faced with spending possibly 90 years as the only person among 5,259 who is awake? Now let’s say you were a 36-year-old guy with a 36-year-old guy’s sex drive who is the only person among 5,259 who is awake. Would you be so selfish as to awake and essentially sacrifice the life of another passenger, especially one who looked like Jennifer Lawrence, just so you wouldn’t have to face the rest of your life alone and also have someone to satisfy certain gratifications?

Think about it.

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