Monday, July 25, 2016

My doubts about Hillary’s decision making ability

I am not a fan of a Hillary Clinton. I am not a fan of the entire Clinton Clan. One of my problems is that every time I read the word "Clinton" I also read the word "scandal," if not in the same sentence, at least in the same paragraph. But it’s also philosophical. I am an unabashed and not ashamed to admit it independent liberal progressive and the Clintons have always been and will continue to be far too conservative for my political leanings. I have heard all those who claim she has shifted more to the left, but, frankly, I don’t trust her. I simply don’t believe her. She’s the type of politician who’s all too pervasive on the scene these days — she’ll say anything she feels she needs to in order to garner votes. Not only that, her selection of Virginia senator Tim Kaine proves just the opposite — now that the nomination is secured, she’s moving back toward the center-right where she’s always felt the most comfortable.

But recently my feelings about Hillary have only darkened. I found FBI director James Comey’s analysis of Clinton’s handling of classified information to be devastating. Hillary’s supporters will scream "The FBI found no reason to file charges against her," but I want to hold aspiring Presidents of the United States to a higher standard than "at least no charges were filed against her."

But now I’m beginning to view Clinton as the Richard Nixon of the Democratic Party. The revelations of how the Democratic National Committee worked to sabotage the candidacy of Bernie Sanders reminds me of what we learned about the dirty tricks Republicans in CREEP employed in 1972 to guarantee Nixon’s re-election. Debbie Wasserman Schultz is the 2016 reincarnation of Donald Segretti.

On top of that, Clinton chose to fight the wrong battle when all of these shenanigans were revealed. Instead of highlighting the likelihood that Russian President Vladmir Putin conspired with Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump to hack the DNC’s e-mail system in return for Trump’s declaration he would not necessarily challenge Putin for any actions Russia might direct against NATO countries in Europe, Clinton immediately announced how much she respects Wasserman Schultz. Now we’ve also learned that Clinton has hired this dirty trickster to be the "honorary chair" in the effort to elect Democrats nationwide and that she also will continue to be Clinton’s primary spokesperson and surrogate in Florida.

If this is an example of Hillary’s decision-making ability, I’m really afraid of what she might do as president. It makes me more committed than ever to support the Green Party candidacy of Liz Stein.

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