Monday, August 15, 2016

This week's (not so major) DVD releases

Ingrid Bergman in Her Own Words *** Part of what makes this documentary so pleasurable is that it’s so insistently celebratory, despite the traumas and hurts that trickle in. To that upbeat end, it tends to soften and even elide some of the thornier passages in Bergman’s life.

Our Last Tango *** Balances between a studious fascination with the dance form's history and an embrace of the passions it stokes. Far more engrossing than the usual documentary of this sort.

Raiders! The Story of the Greatest Fan Film Ever Made *** Though indulgently overlong, this documentary manages to unearth the inner geek in all of us.

Sky ** This expressionistic portrait of the American West is an oddity that only a director from another country could have conjured.

The Angry Birds MovieIf you loved the game, you might enjoy watching the script contort itself into ever more zany shapes to incorporate the necessary elements: giant slings, teetering towers, boomeranging toucans. But it’s not enough to counteract the tiresome, sub-Lego Movie snarkiness of the script or the bright, busy and unengaging animation.

Crazy About Tiffany’sThose enthralled by the venerable brand will no doubt swoon, but casual viewers will find it little more than a feature-length infomercial.

Backgammon ½* May not be effectively provocative, but it is sometimes dumb enough to be offensive.

God’s Not Dead 2 ½* This is a much better movie than the original but that’s a bit like saying a glass of milk left on the table hasn’t curdled and is merely sour.

Sundown (no stars) This is the misbegotten lovechild of The Hangover and Project X. Stupendous in its stupidity, offensive in its attempts to be funny, and downright unpleasant from beginning to end.


**** Excellent.
*** Good.
** Fair
* Poor
No stars Abysmal

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