Monday, April 10, 2017

Landing in Nice

Other than the great, ol’ homeland, obviously, France is my favorite country in the world. I used to treasure my regular two-week vacations there. I would fly from Dallas to Nice, changing planes in Frankfort. I would spend a week in Nice, usually staying at a small, boutique hotel on the southern most tip of the Cap d’Antibes, which is that peninsula that juts into the Mediterranean at the beginning of the video below. I loved the quiet, solitude at the tip as well as the pleasant cafes up the road in the city of Antibes. Driving from there to the beaches at Nice and Cannes, as well as a journey once each trip to Monte Carlo, allowed me to visit many of the spots Monet painted during his sojourns to that area. After a week in Nice, I would take the train to Paris, and spend another week there before returning home. If I had an additional week available, I would take the high-speed rail from Paris to London.

Of course, all my views of arriving at Nice were looking through the side windows of the airliner I was arriving on and even those views were somewhat restricted because I always preferred an aisle seat. So I never did get the absolutely fantastic view this video offers. But, boy, does it bring back some pleasant memories.


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