Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Not in the legendary Johnnie Cochran-F. Lee Bailey tradition

In a story written by Avi Selk of the Washington Post, Harris County (Houston) Justice of the Peace Hillary H. Green has been suspended by the Texas Supreme Court "amid accusations that she sextested in the courtroom, used her bailiff to buy drugs, hired prostitutes and once brought home marijuana seized from a defendant."

And what’s her defense attorney’s shrewd plan to dispute these charges?

If you believe Selk’s account, and there’s no legitimate reason to doubt it, defense attorney Chip Babcock’s counter argument is The Texas Supremes should not have taken this action because voters have "overwhelmingly re-elected Green … ‘She’s very popular in the precinct’."

I bet she is — especially among those she sextested and those she brought drugs from.

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