Sunday, October 18, 2009

Texas-OU and other hits

Just to keep the record straight, I am a diehard Texas Longhorn supporter, having graduated from UT-Austin way back when with a journalism degree, spending a large part of my time there on the sports staff of the Daily Texan. Then, when I came to Dallas to work for UPI, I used to spend many pleasing moments on the telephone with then Texas football coach Darrell Royal when he called in his ballot for UPI's weekly coaches football poll.

So, having said that, my feelings from watching yesterday's Texas-OU contest are:

  • Overall, a rather boring game.
  • I didn't get the feeling that Texas defeated OU, only that the Longhorns were ahead when time ran out.
  • Keeping OU to a minus 16 yards rushing was an astounding achievement and probably contributed more to the final score than any other factor.
  • Colt McCoy's chances of winning the Heisman Trophy are zero.
  • I salute the Oklahoma brain trust that came up with the defensive game plan and the OU athletes that executed that plan.
Having been confined to a hospital bed for the last week (possibly more on that later), I have had the opportunity to watch more sports than I would have otherwise. Some observations:

  • Neither Florida nor Tim Tebow impressed me that much yesterday and I agree with the AP for putting Alabama at the top of its poll. Right now I consider the race for the Heisman wide open with no clear leader.
  • Alabama looked efficient, but really not that dominant against South Carolina. It did not come across as a great college football team, only as the best one out there right now.
  • Last night's Yankees-Angels baseball game was a classic thriller. If New York can win one in California, which it should, this series should be over in six games.
  • I'll give you Tom Brady and Peyton Manning, because after watching today's Saints-Giants game, I'll take Drew Brees as my starting quarterback any day.

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