Thursday, November 28, 2013

A point of personal privilege on this Thanksgiving Day

As the day comes to a close I am thinking of just how much I have to be thankful for: Getting to enjoy not one, but two Thanksgiving dinners (on two separate days) with the single great love of my life and her family; spending more time with my pal James (who prepared an excellent Italian sausage stuffing a mocha pecan pie -- yumm); conversing an hour on the phone with my son of whom I am so proud, the great Dr. Chance, who recently performed another admirable public service by linking an article listing all the reasons to date a chiropractor; and, of course, there's my constant companion, my loyal pal, the No. 1 Golden Retriever the world has ever known, the magnificent Ginger. I did miss the fact that I had no time to spend with my granddaughter, but just having her in my life makes that life so much more special and for that I am also thankful. Here's to everyone out there who counted and gave thanks for their blessings on this day.

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