Thursday, September 18, 2014

The Wash Situation Redux


So the reason Texas Rangers manager Ron Washington resigned was because "I was not true to my wife." I’ll go along with everyone else who takes that as a euphemism for "I had a sexual dalliance with someone other than the one to whom I had pledged my troth."

But I don’t see where you toss your entire career out the window because you wandered into places where you didn’t belong. That, alone, isn’t enough. Do you have any idea how many baseball groupies exist out there? They know the hotels where the visiting teams will be staying and they know how to "meet and greet" at those establishments. I suspect that many ballplayers are on a first-name basis with many of these charming lassies. If all the ballplayers who ever had sex with someone other than their wives during the season were forced to resign, no franchise could field a nine-player team.

There’s still more — much more — to this story than Washington is letting on.

I can think of only five reasons why marriage infidelity forced Washington away from baseball. (1) He contracted some life-threatening sexually transmitted disease; (2) His sexual partner of question is pregnant with his child and has decided to keep it (3, the most likely scenario) the person Washington dillied with is also a Texas Ranger employee or who is either in a high-ranking or sensitive position or who has threatened some form of sexual harassment proceedings against the team; (4, the second most likely reason) some form of violence was involved leading the possibility of sexual assault charges being filed; or (5) the person involved with Washington is the significant other of a Ranger employee.

At the other end of the this story is the fact that the Rangers, the team with the worse record in baseball, won their sixth — that’s right, sixth! — game in a row today under interim manager Tim Bogar. As far as I’m concerned, I’m thinking team General Manager Jon Daniels should remove that "interim" tag from Bogar’s title. Heaven knows the team could do a lot worse.

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