Sunday, November 15, 2009

Big 12 commish does not like the idea of a college football playoff

Big 12 Commissioner Dan Beebee, interviewed on Fox Sports Southwest during Saturday's Texas-Baylor blowout, said emphatically he would never, ever support a college football playoff. In fact, he said, if there is too much pressure for college football to do away with the current BCS system, that college football would, instead of moving toward a playoff, return to the days of conference-aligned post season bowls.

"I was talking to a close friend who is a successful high school football coach in Texas and I asked him how he liked the high school playoff system," Beebee said. "The coach told me the problem he had with it is that only one team ends the season on a happy note. I have talked to many, many former college players and they talked about how their last game, playing in a bowl game, was their happiest memory. This game should not be played for the media or other special interests; it should be concerned about the best interests of the players. In fact, I am concerned that the current BCS championship game puts too much pressure on the players."

He also mentioned the main reason I am against a playoff and that is college football has the best regular season in all of sports and it shouldn't sacrifice that.

Beebee also turned around the argument that college football should have a playoff system because all other sports do.

"We should continue to be unique," Beebee said. "The way to do that is to be the only major sport without a playoff."

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