Monday, May 19, 2014

Casual Observations

Thanks to My Hero, I have been away on a fabulous, relaxing Florida beach vacation so I have some catching up to do:

  • Johnny Manziel and the Dallas Cowboys: Jerry Jones, for once, made the correct decision passing on the overrated Texas A&M quarterback in the recent draft. Although Notre Dame offensive lineman Zack Martin was a solid pick, it didn’t address the Cowboys most pressing need – defense. I would have preferred to see the Cowboys pick Michigan State cornerback Darqueze Dennard. I only saw Dennard in two games last season, but in one he shut down Ohio State’s passing game in the Big 10 Championship game and in the second he squelched Stanford in the Rose Bowl. I am also convinced that had the college playoffs begun last season, Dennard and the Spartan defense would have had their way with Florida State’s offense to win the college title.
  • Donald Sterling vs. Magic Johnson: I always thought banishment meant to get rid of. But Los Angeles Clippers owner Donald Sterling is getting more media attention now that he has been banished by the NBA than he ever did before. Quit giving this jerk a platform, especially when it’s so obvious he’s in desperate need of media training. All Magic Johnson accomplished by answering Sterling’s stupid remarks was to lower himself to Sterling’s level. He could have easily found hundreds of individuals willing and even anxious to speak on his behalf.
  • Call me a prude, but that "No more settling in this household" Time-Warner high-speed internet commercial makes me uncomfortable.

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