Thursday, May 29, 2014

Which way to die: smoking or trying to quit?

Have you seen that commercial for Chantix, the wonder drug that is supposed to get its users to quit smoking? Like all the other commercials for pharmaceuticals that require a doctor’s prescription, this ad lists all the various possible side effects. The ones for Chantix, I kid you not, may include "drastic change in behavior, suicidal thoughts or actions … "

Suicidal thoughts or actions?

I get the thoughts part. People who swear off cigs may be so nicotine deprived they could think that a better alternative would be to off oneself? But "actions"??? I read that as saying some folks who have taken these pills have bought the big one, have actually committed suicide — or, at the very least, have given suicide a damn good try.

Here’s a possible sales slogan for Chantix: "If smoking doesn’t kill you, than using Chantix to quit just might do the trick."

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