Friday, April 25, 2008

Dale Hansen on the Pacman Jones Trade

Let me spare you the suspense: He's not a fan of the deal as you can see for youself here. Dale is gotting a lot of heat over this commentary. Somebody named Michael David Smith posting on a blog called Fanhouse really goes after Hansen. After admitting he knows nothing about Channel 8's sportscaster, he then goes on to say "based on this video clip, I'd have to conclude that he's unhinged." No he's not. He's an informed commentator who doesn't hedge his bets when he speaks. And speaking of "unhinged," Smith's headline on his blog says Hansen "Compares Pacman Jones to Osama bin Laden." That's not true. If Smith had been paying attention he would have heard Hansen say something to the effect that as long as Cowboys owner Jerry Jones has signed Pacman he might as well try to get bin Laden to play wide receiver because he "obviously can't be caught." I thought it was a funny line and typical Hansen. I remember one time he was he was the master of ceremonies at a Dallas Press Club roast when the night's honoree received the obligatory congratulations from the governor, who at the time, happened to be one Bill Clements. The message was contained in one of those 8-by-10 manila envelopes. Hansen tore open the top, looked inside and quipped "Hey, it's the keys to a new car." That line also struck a lot of nerves, but it was also a very funny quip.

As for Hansen's opinion on Pacman, I gotta say "Dale, buddy, you nailed it!"

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