Friday, April 18, 2008

It appears the DPS did jump too fast, too soon in Eldorado

Colorado Springs, Colo., police arrested a 33-year-old woman named Rozita Swinton in her home today and charged her with making crank calls. What's interesting about all this is that Texas Rangers were present when the arrest was made.

Did Swinton pretend to be a pregnant 16-year-old member of Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints who claimed to have been repeatedly raped by her 50-year-old husband who also was the father of another one of her children. Don't know yet. But here's what is known:

1. After the caller first telephoned a hotline in San Angelo, someone claiming to be the same 16-year-old called former church member Flora Jessop, who operates a rescue mission for girls leaving the Eldorado compound the DPS recently raided. Texas Rangers have traced the calls to Jessop to Colorado Springs.

2. Colorado Springs police say Ms. Swinton has been arrested for local calls in which she falsely claimed to be an abused child imprisoned in a basement.

3. No other complainant has been located.

4. No pregnant girls under the age of 16 were found at the church's YFZ compound outside Eldorado.

5. More than 400 children have been removed from their home at the expense of Texas taxpayers.

6. The AP reports that the resulting court case has "descended into farce."

This whole thing has had a rotten smell right from the very beginning.

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Hugh McBryde said...

It turns out that the author "Kate Rosemary" is both Vice President of the PUBLISHING company that published the books, and author as well, her real name is "Mary Catharine Nelson" and she stand (potentially) to make a tidy sum of money if she has the rights to the story. She has made a non disclosure agreement with David W. Powell, the attorney representing Rozita Swinton that smacks of "BOOK DEAL." Everything you know about Rozita that isn't from her arrest record comes through this extremely impeachable source.