Sunday, April 20, 2008

Questions that need to be answered after Hornets whip Mavs

After Jason Terry lit up the Hornets by scoring 31 points against them in the last game of the season, why did Mavs coach Avery Johnson start Jerry Stackhouse, who has been out with injury for much the latter half of the season and has relatively little experience playing with Jason Kidd, ahead of Terry?

When Johnson sat Stackhouse, why did he put Brandon Bass in his place instead of Terry?

Hornets coach Byron Scott obviously made some adjustments at halftime, holding the Mavs to only nine field goals in the entire second half, just a little over half the number (17) they scored in the first half. Why didn't Johnson make any adjustments, especially since the Hornets actually scored more field goals (18) in the first half than the Mavericks? The Mavs 12-point first half lead came from a 16-2 advantage at the free throw line.

Why is it that Johnson seems determined to let Chris Paul be the Dwyane Wade of this playoff series? Paul scored 14 points more than his season average in Game 1.

What I wouldn't give to see Larry Brown coaching this team right now.

This has nothing to do with Johnson, at least directly, but why did Dirk Nowitzki let David West treat him like a sissy late in the game? Get tough, Dirk! Don't let him pat you on the face like that.

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