Monday, February 25, 2013

Quick Oscar reaction

Relatively dull show, with Seth McFarlane definitely out of his element. And that entire William Shatner episode was an unmitigated disaster. I still maintain the Oscar show would be better without a "host."

Couldn't disagree more with the Dallas Morning News' pronouncement that Ang Lee's win over Steven Spielberg was "a huge upset." The Lincoln bandwagon ground to a halt a couple of weeks ago (right around the time Spielberg arranged to have former President Bill Clinton introduce the film at the Golden Globes) and by the time the awards were ready to be handed out, both Lee and David O. Russell had better chances to win than Spielberg.

I only had two award surprises: Christoph Waltz winning supporting actor (I thought it was close between Tommy Lee Jones and Robert DeNiro) and, of course, the tie in the sound editing category.

I thought Catherine Zeta Jones nailed the All That Jazz number from Chicago, the best musical moment of the night. The sound mixing on Adele's Skyfall was abysmal. Any engineer who allows an orchestra and a chorus to overwhelm that woman's voice should be dismissed on the spot, no appeals allowed.

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