Monday, September 14, 2009

New movies to be released tomorrow on DVD

Easy Virtue (2009) *** This may have been fertile grounds for satire in 1925, when Noel Coward’s drawing-room melodrama Easy Virtue debuted on the stage, but by now this film version feels rather done. Grade: C+

Grace (2009) **½ Grace doesn’t need a high body count to frighten, although its gore is stomach-turning. It’s a horrifying meditation on the unbreakable union of mother and child. Grade: C

Next Day Air (2009) **½ Can’t decide whether it’s a broad stoner comedy or a gritty Tarantino-esque action flick. The humor is there, but violence brings the laughter to an abrupt halt. Grade: C

Trumbo (2008) ***½ An unconventional film about an unconventional man. Part documentary, part expertly staged readings, it focuses on the unquiet life and unforgettable words of screenwriter Dalton Trumbo, someone who, as his son puts it, never had to go looking for trouble because it always came to him. Grade: B

X-Men Origins: Wolverine (2009) ** Wolverine purports to tell us more and yet gives us less: It’s so cluttered and action-packed that the action ceases to mean anything — virtually nothing the characters do or say results in consequences that stick. Grade: C-

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Amy S said...

Best restaurant movie, Dinner Rush an indie with Danny Aiello as a mob/restaurant owner who has a star chef son in the kitchen. On DVD.