Tuesday, September 1, 2009

New York Times' prediction for Oklahoma's 2009 football season

Oklahoma’s not going anywhere, despite facing issues up front and again dealing with Texas and an improved Oklahoma State team in conference play. The Sooners are simply too good, too talented on both sides of the ball, to take any major step back from last season. Looking at the schedule, I think Oklahoma will finish with an 11-1 record. Certainly, O.U. will do no worse than 10-2, with an additional loss perhaps coming at Nebraska or at home to Oklahoma State in the regular season finale. Now, I think it’s clear that I do believe Texas to be the better team in 2009. Not that Oklahoma won’t have something to prove, having lost in the national championship last fall, but I think Texas will have an enormous chip on its shoulder due to last season’s disappointment. So Oklahoma, in my mind, will come in second in the South; like with Texas last fall, that will result in Oklahoma being on the cusp of the national championship but settling – if you can call it settling – for a major B.C.S. bowl.

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