Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Why you should never trust Eric Celeste for shrewd political analysis

Eric Celeste (pictured here), writing today in D magazine's Frontburner blog about Kinky Friedman's decision to run for governor again, offered this interesting tidbit:

"His (Friedman's) candidacy will again help the Republican ticket by drawing a just-significant-enough percentage of votes from Democratic candidates to ensure another Rick Perry victory."

That might have been true if Mr. Friedman was running as an independent as he did four years ago. He's not, however. As this story (which was also Mr. Celeste's source) makes clear, Mr. Friedman is running this time around in the Democratic primary. That means he may take enough votes away from Hank Gilbert to hand the Democratic nomination to Tom Scheiffer. (Or, which is of utmost importance to Mr. Friedman, he might sell more copies of his upcoming book Heroes of a Texas Childhood. Expect him to mention it quite a lot during his campaign stops.)

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