Monday, September 21, 2009

New movies to be released tomorrow on DVD

Battle for Terra (2009) **½ The movie’s messages are delivered with a heavy hand, but some of the scenes are eye-popping, especially — sorry, peace-loving Terrians — the battle sequences. Grade: C

Ghosts of Girlfriends Past (2009) ½* A junky-looking romantic comedy that’s neither remotely romantic nor passably comic. Grade: D-

Lymelife (2009) ***½ Despite some floundering, the film keeps you hooked, mostly through the performances by Timothy Hutton, Alec Baldwin and Kieran Culkin. Grade: B

O’Horten (2009) ***½ O’Horten is about frustration, patience, kindness and the wildness that lurks in even the calmest hearts. What’s odd about that? Grade: B+

Observe and Report (2009) ½* If you thought Abu Ghraib was a laugh riot then you might love this film, a potentially brilliant conceptual comedy that fizzles because its writer and director, Jody Hill, doesn’t have the guts to go with his spleen. Grade: D-

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Anonymous said...

Glad you liked Lymelife. It was very well-acted but didn't get nearly the attention it deserved. Here's hoping it does well on DVD.