Friday, April 16, 2010

Movie Notes: DeNiro and Scorcese together again

It appears the dynamic duo of actor Robert DeNiro (who has yet to make a decent film this century) and director Martin Scorsese will be re-teaming for another gangster epic, this one called The Irishmen. “It’s based on a book called I Heard You Paint Houses," DeNiro told Screencrave. "It’s a very simple, terrific story about [mobster Frank Sheeran], who supposedly killed [Jimmy] Hoffa and Joe Gallo and so on.” The Scorsese-DeNiro combination has produced such film masterpieces as Taxi Driver, Raging Bull, Mean Streets, GoodFellas, Cape Fear and The King of Comedy (listed in my order of preference.) Of course, it also produced Casino, a very good film, but not on the level of the aforementioned Super Six.

Interested in what's playing this year at the Cannes Film Festival? Indiewire has the most complete lineup. I would be more interested this year in seeing the films being screened out of competition than the ones vying for the Big Palm.

For those of you still scratching your heads over The Secret in Thier Eyes, which won the Foreign Language Film Oscar last month, here is the trailer. The novie is scheduled to open today in a limited U.S. release.

I've been hearing some great things about Al Pacino's performance as Dr. Jack Kervokian in Barry Levinson's You Don't Know Jack, which premieres on HBO Saturday, April 24. I don't get HBO but I will try to wrangle an invitation to a home of someone who does in order to see this one. Here's the trailer, but it doesn't reveal that much.

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