Sunday, January 16, 2011

Republicans are correct about health insurance premium costs but they won't tell you why

House Republicans hellbent on the meaningless exercise of voting to repeal health care reform base their argument around the notion that repeal would mean lower insurance premiums for most Americans. And they are correct. Repeal would reduce premium costs. What Republicans don't want to tell you is why. The reason is because the insurance would not cover as much as it must under the new health care reform laws and those lucky enough to possess health insurance under the Republicans' plans would pay far more out-of-pocket costs.

Republicans have given up on their claims that repeal won't add $240 trillion to the federal deficit over the next decade, even though the GOP has said its top priority is reducing the deficit. Obviously reducing it is, at best, fifth or sixth on their priorty list, because they are now declaring a mulligan on health care reform repeal saying "So what, we'll try to make it up by cutting other benefits to the poor, middle class and minorities."

Of course, the entire exercise is meaningless anyway. Yes, repeal will pass the House, but it will not pass in the Senate and, even if it did, it would face a certain Presidential veto.

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