Saturday, January 1, 2011

Why 'Joe Citizen' learns to hate cops

I got caught in this mess last night attempting to take close friends home following a New Year's Eve celebration. The police closed northbound 75 forcing all traffic to get off at the Caruth Haven exit, which was the exit I wanted all along. An easy left turn at Caruth Haven would take me exactly where I wanted to go. The problem was there was an idiot cop forcing all the cars to go straight through the intersection and back on northbound 75, which forced me to go a mile further than I needed to go, then navigate a dangerous U-turn to get back to where I needed to be. Now there was absolutely no logical reason why a left turn couldn't be made at Caruth Haven, except for this fascist cop who was so full of his own self importance.

The reason why so many people like me have absolutely no respect for cops is because of the complete lack of respect cops show for individuals. They don't treat people as individuals but as a class -- a class they mistakenly believe they are superior and not accountable to.

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