Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Council members acting foolishly

Granted, I was only giving the the proceedings half-hearted attention because I was also cooking up a stack of pancakes so I'm not sure of the entire story behind this little show, but the site of Dallas City Council members Jerry Allen, Dwayne Caraway and Carolyn Davis dancing around with boxing gloves, pretending to punch each other out over which high school had the best drum line, at today's City Council meeting left me feeling a tad squeamish. Do these elected officials have to stoop this low to make a point?

I guess it could have been done well, but it wasn't on this occasion. Instead, it was embarrassing, especially since Caraway seemed to want to prolong the charade long past its sell-by date. I think it was all designed to announce some major event taking place at City Hall next month involving the high schools in question (I believe they are Lake Highlands, Skyline and Townview, but I really can't be sure about that), but I was so turned off by these three acting like jerks I just tuned out their entire message.

I'm not saying the rivalry bit couldn't have been pulled off, the three just needed a better writer and choreographer.

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