Monday, February 22, 2010

Dallas to get wet?

No, this is not a weather item. Lake Highlands Today is reporting that a coalition, taking advantage of recently passed legislation that makes it easier to do things like this, is putting together a petition drive to have a proposed ordinance on this November's ballot that would legalize the sale of beer and liquor throughout the Dallas city limits. This means grocery stores in Lake Highlands, Oak Cliff and other places that up till now have not been able to sell spirits, will be able to. And you won't have to show a Unicard to get a cocktail in a restaurant anywhere in the city any longer. According to the story, Lake Highlands Dallas City Council member Jerry Allen is not taking a pro- or anti-drink position, but one of "let the people decide." Ditto for North Dallas councilman Ron Natinsky. Haven't heard yet from Oak Cliff's Dave Neumann.

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