Friday, February 19, 2010

Tiger flexes his muscles on TV just because he can and you can't

I did not see Tiger Woods' public confession on nationwide television this morning (I thank my lucky stars I didn't waste my time with that), but I did read about it. I find the whole thing terribly annoying and it lowered Woods in my esteem. It's like he's saying "I'm bigger than God. Watch how powerful I can be. I will go on television, blabber a few words and all the TV networks will carry it live and the news services will interrupt their regular feeds with bulletins. I will do that just because I can."

I wrote some friends a few minutes ago and asked them: "If you had run into Tiger Woods yesterday would you have told him 'Tiger, you owe me an apology'?" No one would have done that. If I had run into him yesterday and was able to engage him in conversation I probably would have asked him "When you are you going to play golf on TV again because, frankly, the game has no interest for me unless you're playing it?"

That's what I'm convinced the public wants to know: When he will play tournament golf again. The public doesn't deserve an apology, doesn't need an apology, doesn't want an apology. Only his wife and others close to him he has hurt emotionally deserve an apology.

But Tiger didn't answer the question about when he will play again so today's TV spectacular was a complete waste of time.

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