Friday, February 19, 2010

It takes one to know one

D magazine publisher Wick Allison has crafted a fine profile on Dallas State Sen. (and possibly Dallas mayoral candidate) John Carona, a Republican who is harsher on members of his own party than many Democrats are. He are some Carona quotes gleaned from Allison's story:

"The Democrats are the party of overspending. The Republicans are also the party of overspending. The only difference is that the Republicans are hypocrites about it."

"Fiscal responsibility means nothing to (Republican office-holders). They only worry about the next primary."

"Republican officer-holders once cared about the nation's interests. Now they only care about self-interest and special interests."

Why is Carona sticking his colleagues? In short, according to Allison, it's because they want to spend as much taxpayer money as the Democrats do but, because they are wedded to the idea of "no new taxes," they can't raise the money for all that spending, thus creating a problematic deficit.

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