Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Global warming vs. global weirding

New York Times op-ed columnist Thomas L. Friedman has a good read in today's edition suggesting the leading scientists studying climate change should go on the offensive against the idiots who claim things like the recent 1-foot snowfall we had last week in Dallas disproves all those warnings about global warming and that we should continue to drill for oil and depend on imports of oil from the Mideast.

In fact, he argues that the notion we got all that snow while Vancouver needed to manufacture snow to conduct the Olympics proves the points the climatologists are making. But he argues that the scientific community should substitute the term "Global Weirding" for "Global Warming" because that's what's happening -- the weather is getting weirder and weirder: "The hots are expected to get hotter, the wets wetter, the dries drier and the most violent storms more numerous," Friedman writes.

Friedman says China is way ahead of the rest of the world in seeing the future of climate change and, as a result, "is investing heavily in clean-tech efficiency and high-speed rail. It sees the future trends and is betting on them. Indeed, I suspect China is quietly laughing at us right now."

Or at least China is laughing at the antics of people like Gov. Hair who argues there's no harm at all in all those pollutants in our air and is willing to sue anyone who disagrees with him.

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