Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Underrated singers of a bygone era and a bygone joint

My iPod, forever in random play, is playing while I write and up popped the Amazing Rhythm Aces' version of Dancing the Night Away. Now that is such a magnificent song, even I can't ruin it by singing it. If you want proof of this, seek out, of all people, Crystal Gayle's version of the song.

Still, it reminded me that Russell Smith, the lead singer of the Aces, was among the most under- appreciated and underrated lead singers of his era along with Peter Cetera of Chicago (I remember touring with Chicago and the Beach Boys and just marveling whenever Cetera was at the mike) as well as the great George Jones and the incomparable Al Green. From where I sit, it doesn't get much better than those four.

It also reminded me of the wonderful evening I spent watching the listening to the Aces at a saloon on Abrams and Skillman right around where that Super Target is located today. Those were some heady days. Does anyone else remember that joint? I also spent a marvelous evening seeing Waylon Jennings there in the early 1970s, but I would still, to this day, be betraying a major confidence if I so much as uttered the name of the person I was with that evening. Oh, but what a night it was.


barry.crook said...

was that the orginal Milo Butterfingers? where Bowley and Wilson played?

barry.crook said...

and absolutely right about the Amazing Rhythm Aces!