Thursday, December 9, 2010

Another compelling argument against the death penalty

This being an op-ed piece, I realize it presents only the side of the story that bolsters the author's thesis. Still, it presents a compelling argument that Kevin Cooper was framed by police for the murders of a California family and should not face execution.

Here in Dallas, we have seen, under the administration of District Attorney Craig Watkins, the presentation of DNA evidence that has resulted in the release from jail of far too many wrongly convicted individuals. With the cavalier manner Texas executes its prison inmates, it's a miracle that Watkins hasn't found someone murdered by the state to have been wrongly convicted. And I have no doubt that, because of the sheer numbers of those executed in Texas, that many of them were innocent.

The Cooper story is simply another convincing argument that the death penalty should be abolished. How many more do we need before justice returns to this land?

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