Wednesday, December 1, 2010

The spooky return of Howard Jarvis

I don't know how many people outside of California remember Howard Jarvis (pictured) and, if they do remember him, it's as the guy who waited in the taxicab at the curb of the Los Angeles airport while the cab's driver, Ted Striker (Robert Hays), dashed off in pursuit of his stewardess girlfriend in Airplane!. Jarvis was the anti-tax activist responsible for California's passage of the infamous Proposition 13 in 1978, which still has Californians reeling today. Jarvis died in 1986, but this horrible prospect makes me believe in reincarnation. Because of Proposition 13, the resulting  increased cost of purchasing a home in California crippled the housing market and California's public schools, once considered the best in the country, now rank 48th in student achievement. Beware, Dallas: If this nutcase has his way, the same things can and will happen here.

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