Thursday, December 9, 2010

Way off Target

I had to dash into a Super Target in Allen this morning to pick up a couple rolls of paper towels. That's all. Just a couple rolls of paper towels. A quick in and out. Or so I thought.

Maybe this time of year people are doing some heavy duty shopping. I realize that and have no problem with that. But ever single checkout line at the Allen store was three deep with customers rolling grocery carts that were so full that items were falling off the rounded tops. Meanwhile a couple of us, I spotted at least five other customers without even those little hand-held baskets just holding a couple of items in their hands looking for a line that would take under an hour to get through. Meanwhile, on either end of the store, were closed "express lines."

That's absolutely criminal and a horrible way to treat customers. Target should be ashamed of itself, but it's corporate executives are probably too busy celebrating their massive profit margins to worry that much about its customers. "Let them eat cake." Not only that, their Republican benefactors have now made sure they don't even have to pay their fair share in taxes. As long as they can keep their Republican lawmakers happy, why should they be concerned with such trivial matters as customer satisfaction? Fortunately, there's a shopping alternative that should open any day now just down the street and we call sing "Fare thee well, Target."

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