Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Will he or won't he

One of the big questions being debated locally these days is whether Da Mayor is going to run for re-election or opt to seek the U.S. Senate seat that now belongs to Kay Bailey Hutchison. But for DA Mayor to take that latter route, he has to be sure that Hutch ain't seeking another term and she has been quiet, as usual, about her decision.

Here's my thinking right now. Although trying to figure Hutch is even a more difficult task than collecting my recycling, I'm thinking she's going to run again. She shouldn't, though. The Texas Tea Party Idiots are smelling the blood in the water and know that Hutch is vulnerable. TTPI hero Gov. Hair made her look foolish in her bid for the Republican nomination for governor. Me thinks the TTPI will try to outflank Hutch on her right by supporting the bids of Weatherford car salesman Roger Williams or Railroad Commissioner Michael Williams to unseat against her.

And even if Hutch recognizes she has no hope of winning another primary election and drops out, Da Mayor shouldn't waste his time trying to win the nomination. He is not going to be a darling of the TPPI who have kidnapped the Republican Party in Texas. Not only that, the recent track record of big city mayors running for statewide office in Texas -- Ron Kirk and Bill White -- are not favorable to Da Mayor.

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