Sunday, December 26, 2010

News' Taylor blows it much worse than Buehler did

You'd think Dallas Morning News sports columnist Jean-Jacques Taylor would know better than to put the entire blame of the Dallas Cowboys' Christmas Day loss to the Arizona Cardinals on kicker David Buehler.

You'd think Taylor would be perceptive enough to see that the Cowboys were playing a team that had lost eight of its last nine games and was quarterbacked by someone with even less experience than the Cowboys' Stephen McGee. You'd think Taylor would have noticed the Cowboys' defense made this rookie, John Skelton, whom I'm betting is not starting on anyone's fantasy team and probably won't anytime soon, look like Tom Brady on that last drive that led to Arizona's winning field goal.

Taylor compounds the error of his ways by writing:

"Missing the extra point rendered the 53-yard kick meaningless. The same goes for the 42-yarder he made in the second quarter."
Meaningless??? Meaningless??? How can six points in a game the Cowboys lose by one be meaningless? Take away those field goals and Dallas is, at best, still three points behind Arizona after Miles Austin's final touchdown catch and what would have to have been a successful two-point conversion.

Taylor needs to display some intelligence by not insulting ours. Sure, Buehler is an easy target, possibly the obvious one. But we look to the sports columnist worthy of working for a major metropolitan daily to show more insight than that, especially when the easy, obvious target is easily and obviously the wrong one.

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