Monday, December 20, 2010

The Great Films: 1950, 1951

It's getting to be that time of year again when I begin to compile my list of the 25 best movies of the year. As a prelude I revisit the Top 25 from past years. Click on the titles to learn more about the films.

1. All About Eve
2. Sunset Blvd.
3. Rashomon
4. Los Olvidados
5. Orpheus
6. Born Yesterday
7. The Asphalt Jungle
8. Adam’s Rib
9. D.O.A.
10. Night and the City
11. La Ronde
12. Winchester ‘73
13. King Solomon’s Mines
14. Stars In My Crown
15. Cyrano de Bergerac
16. Cinderella
17. Harvey
18. Father of the Bride
19. Panic in the Streets
20. Rio Grande
21. The Gunfighter
22. In a Lonely Place
23. Treasure Island
24. Gun Crazy
25. Annie Get Your Gun

1. A Streetcar Named Desire
2. An American in Paris
3. The African Queen
4. The Day the Earth Stood Still
5. A Place in the Sun
6. Diary of a Country Priest
7. A Christmas Carol
8. The River
9. Alice in Wonderland
10. Strangers on a Train
11. The Browning Version
12. The Lavender Hill Mob
13. Miracle in Milan
14. Ace in the Hole
15. The Thing From Another World
16. Quo Vadis?
17. People Will Talk
18. Cry, the Beloved Country
19. Detective Story
20. Death of a Salesman
21. The Tales of Hoffman
22. The Lemon Drop Kid
23. Show Boat
24. The Steel Helmet
25. The Desert Fox

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PW said...

I'm still not an "All About Eve" fanatic. It seems smug and overly aware of its own wit. Also I'd rate "Strangers on a Train" higher, despite Ruth Roman's wooden performance. The murder scene is fantastic. Glad you found room for "Show Boat." It's a truncated version of the play and typical of MGM's splashiness. But Ava Gardner never looked better.