Thursday, August 13, 2009

Maggiano's trolling for customers

Just received a bulk e-mail from one of my favorite individuals on this planet, Elaine Maben, part of the banquet sales team at Maggiano's in NorthPark. Let me give you an example of what a great customer service person she is. Several years ago, My Hero's daughter and her intended were looking for a place to hold their rehearsal dinner. I suggested Maggiano's and they went by the restaurant to give it the once-over. When I inquired how the inspection went, I was told they really liked Maggiano's but the fact that there was no baked ziti on the banquet menu options was a deal-breaker. I called Elaine, told her of the developments and she said, in effect, "If they want baked ziti, I will guarantee they will have baked ziti."

That rehearsal dinner was such a success, I'm betting it's one of the reasons My Hero returned to Maggiano's to host a banquet commemorating her youngest son's college graduation.

My only regret about all this is that Ms. Maben didn't have this promotion she wrote about in today's e-mail going on for the two above mentioned affairs. What they are doing is this: If you hold a banquet between now and Nov. 1 in which the total meal and beverage bill comes to more than $1,000, Maggiano's will knock $100 off the bill.

For those thinking of more intimate family dining instead of a Henry VIII-type meal, Maggiano's will send you a $10 coupon just for sending them your e-mail address, birthday date and/or anniversary date (the e-mail didn't say it had to be any specific anniversary). So, if you want to celebrate the first anniversary of your triple heart by-pass (not recommended, by the way) or any other occasion at Maggiano's, send Elaine an e-mail at

And don't forget the baked ziti.

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