Thursday, August 13, 2009

There's more going on here than just anti-health care reform emotions

Has anyone else noticed that the mobsters who storm town hall meetings in the guise of opposing much-needed health care reform are all white?

And The New York Times editorialized today that many of these mobsters are targeting small business owners, telling them that health care reform could drive them out of business. "These proprietors would be wise to ignore the rhetoric and take a closer look. A vast majority of small businesses and their workers are likely to benefit greatly. They should be supporting, not opposing, reform."

"Small businesses would reap substantial benefits if their employees were insured," the Times said. "Their work forces would likely become healthier, and they would have an easier time attracting or holding talented employees. Even more striking, with health care reform, small firms could buy insurance at substantially lower rates."

It did acknowledge that some firms might be forced to pay a penalty if they did not provide health insurance to their employees but it also estimated the number of penalized firms would be about .0065 of all the employers in the country.

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